Pot Storage Policy

We are always amazed at the number of pots that are quite literally left on the shelf. We recently found a box of lovely painted items dating back 2 years or more. As we are very short of storage space here in the studio, we have had to introduce the following policy:

Completed Pots
Once pots have been glazed and fired we will hold onto them for 3 months. During this time we will try to contact you using the telephone number given at the time of painting your pot. If this is unsuccessful or you still don’t collect your item(s) we have no space to keep them any longer.

Uncompleted Pots
We quite understand that some of our larger pieces cannot always be completed in one session. This is not a problem at all. We will hold onto your unfinished items as long as you pop in regularly to continue painting. However we have items in the studio that again have been left for a year or more and we simply don’t have the space to store them indefinitely. We will try to contact you to see if you intend finishing your pot, otherwise after 3 months with no sign of an item being continued, we will be on the look out for a Greek wedding…………….